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10th Class Physics All Chapter Notes

10th Class Physics Chapter Wise Notes. These notes are perfectly made, which will be of extraordinary advantage to you. With our instructive materials, you can get ready in excess of 100 percent of your imprints. It is a standout amongst other instructive substance on the web. This instructive material has been managed by experienced instructors. Made by an accomplished Physics educator.

There are nine sections of Physics. For instance, hardly any Chapters is additionally added to the subject of inquiries.

Chapter 10: Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves

Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM); Damped Oscillations Wave Motion; Types of Mechanical Waves

Chapter 11: Sound

Sound Waves; Characteristics of Sound Reflection (Echo) of Sound; Speed of sound Noise pollution; Importance of acoustics

Chapter 12: Geometrical Optics

Reflection of light; Spherical mirrors Image location by spherical mirror equation; Mirror formula Refraction of light; Total internal reflection Practical: To verify the laws of refraction by using a glass slab Applications of total internal reflection; Refraction through prism, Lenses, Image formation by lenses Practical: To find the refractive index of water by using a concave mirror Practical: to determine the critical angle of glass using a semi-circular slab and a light ray box / or by a prism Image location by lens equation; Applications of lenses Simple microscope; Compound microscope; Telescope Practical: to trace the path of a ray of light through a glass prism and measure the angle of deviation Practical: To find the focal length of a convex lens by the parallax method You can likewise peruse these notes online at our site. Snap on the section name beneath or click on the Download connect to peruse on the web, and afterward underneath is the connection to download the view online document.What’s more, all the substance of the class 10 sub-class notification will likewise

10th Class Physics Notes /    فزکس

U-10/ Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves

سمپل ہارمونک موش انیڈ ویوز

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U-11/ Sound


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U-12/ Geometrical Optics

جیو میٹریکل آ پٹکس

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U-13/ Electrostatics

الیکٹرو سٹیٹکس

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U-14/ Current Electricity

کرنٹ الیکٹریسٹی

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U-15/ Electromagnetism

الیکٹرو میگنیٹزم

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U-16/ Basic Electronics

بنیادی الیکٹرونکس

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U-17/ Information and Communication Technology

انفارمش اینڈ کمیونیکیشن ٹیکنالوجی

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U-18/ Atomic and Nuclear Physics

اٹامک اینڈ نیوکلیئر فزکس

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