10th Class Urdu Notes

10th Class Urdu Notes

10th Class Urdu Chapter Wise Short or Long Questions Grammar and MCQs Notes. These notes are very well designed, which will be of great benefit to you. With our educational materials, you can prepare more than 100 percent of your marks. This educational material has been overseen by experienced teachers of Urdu. MCQs Short Questions sabaq ka khulasa Nazam ky Ashar ki tashree Ghazal ki tashree Tafheem E ibarat Notes.

10th Class Urdu Notes/ اُردو نوٹس

1- 10th Urdu Asbaq Nazam Ghazal MCQs Notes

اردو نثر، نظم، غزل،کے ایم سی کیوز

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2- 10th Urdu Asbaq Nazm Ghazal Short Questions Notes

اردو نثر، نظم، غزل،کے مختصر سوالات

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3- 10th Urdu Ghazal ki Tashreeh Notes

غزل کی تشریح

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4- 10th Urdu Nazam ky Ashar ki Tashreeh

نظم کے اشعارکی تشریح

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5- 10th Urdu sabaq ka khulasa Notes

اردو نثر کے تمام اسباق کا خلاصہ

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6- 10th Urdu Tafheem E ibarat Notes

اردو کے تفہیم عبارات کے نوٹس

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Similarly, notices of all Urdu lessons are in this list.

Praise: (Introduction to Hafiz Jalandhari and Shahnameh Islam. Praise and attributes of Allah Almighty. The intention of the Creator of the universe and who
Exercise questions. Ghazal poems and their difference. Curriculum Activities Nos. 1,2,3,4
Naat: (Ehsan Danish is a hardworking poet. Naat poetry. Various topics of Naat Mustafa. Biography of Mustafa and humanity)
Exercise questions. Curriculum Activities 1,2,3,4
Mirza Mohammad Saeed: (Shahid Ahmad Dehlavi and Sketching. Mirza Mohammad Saeed and His Scholarly Achievements. His Modernity and English Language and Literature. Radio Program)
Ideology of Pakistan: (Background of Ideology of Pakistan. Congress and Muslim League. Nationalism and Islamic Nationalism. Struggle of Pakistan)
Princess of Parastan: (Mughal Civilization of Delhi – Ab Beti of Siddani B. Parastan and Return of Sidani)
Intensity of heat in the field of Karbala: (Marthiya, Miranis and Marthi Nigari. Karbala and the incident of Karbala.
Fatima bint Abdullah: (Allama Iqbal’s National Poetry. The Battle of Tripoli. The Bravery of Fatima bint Abdullah)
Eid-ul-Fitr in Urdu Literature: (Writing by Dr. Waheed Qureshi. Islamic and Social Festivals. Eid-ul-Fitr and Urdu Literature)
Save me from my friends: (Sajjad Haider Yildirim’s fiction writing. Friendship and friendship issues. Shakir Khan’s state. A waste of time)
Coating: (Hajra Masroor and her fiction. Coating. Reality of Amirzada. There are planets that look something.)
Farmer: (Poetry of Josh Malihabadi. Greatness of the farmer. Fruits of hard work)
Ghazal: Hasrat Mohani. (Part I) The first two poems. Hasrat Mohani’s romance and national poetry. Themes of Hasrat Mohani Ghazal
Ghalib letters: (Ghalib’s calligraphy qualities. Key elements of his letters. First letter. Second letter. Third letter)
Ghazal Ada Jafari: (Part I) The first three poems. Ada Jafari’s distinctive style. Emotional states

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