10th Class Biology Notes

10th Class Biology Notes

10th Class Biology Chapter Wise Notes. These notes are beautifully crafted, which will be of great benefit to you. With our educational materials, you can prepare more than 100 percent of your marks. This educational material has been overseen by experienced teachers. Made by an experienced biology teacher.

There are nine chapters of biology. For example, few Chapters is also added to the topic of questions.

Chapter 10: Gaseous Exchange

  • Chapter Introduction
  • Gaseous exchange in plants
  • Gaseous exchange in humans
  • Mechanism of breathing;
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Bad effects of smoking
  • Assessment of Gaseous Exchange
  • Practical: Activity to think about the breathing rate very still and after exercise
  • Practical: Demonstration through the test of breathing out air into limewater that carbon dioxide is breathed out during breath
  • Practical: Demonstration of the nearness of tar in tobacco smoke and furthermore by outlines indicating pictures of lungs of smokers and non-smokers Introduction of homeostasis
  • Homeostasis in Plants; Osmotic adjustments in plants
  • Homeostasis in humans
  • Urinary system in humans
  • Functioning of kidney; Osmoregulatory function of kidney
  • Disorders of kidney; Kidney stones; Kidney failure
  • Dialysis; Kidney transplant
  • Assessment
  • Practical: Examination of the structure of kidney (sheep kidney / model)

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10th Class Biology Notes /    بیالوجی  

U-10/ Gaseous Exchange

گیسوں کا تبادلہ

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U-11/ Homeostasis


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U-12/ Coordination and Control

کو آرڈ ینیشن اور کنٹرول

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U-13/ Support and Movement

سہارا( سپورٹ اور حرکت

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U-14/ Reproduction


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U-16/ Man and His Environment


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U-17/ Biotechnology


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U-18/ Pharmacology


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