10th Biology Unit#16 Man and His Environment

Chapter 16: Man and His Environment  ایکولوجی 

  • Chapter Introduction
  • Levels of ecological organization
  • Components of ecosystem
  • The flow of materials and energy in the ecosystem

  • Ecological pyramids
  • Biogeochemical cycles; Carbon cycle; Nitrogen cycle
  • Interaction in Ecosystem (Competition & Predation)
  • Symbiosis (Parasitism, Mutualism & Commensalism)
  • Ecosystem Balance and Human Impact
  • Global Warming; Acid Rain & Deforestation
  • Overpopulation & Urbanization
  • Pollution – consequences and control
  • Air Pollution, Effects & control of air pollution
  • Land pollution & control of land pollution
  • Conservation of nature; Plans for conservation of nature
  • Basic information about dengue Fever


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